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.22 and .25 Taipan Veteran Short

.22 and .25 Taipan Veteran Short
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Sale Price: $1,249.95
Compared at: $1,549.95
You Save: $300.00
Product ID : Veteran Short
Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs


Product is out of stock HOWEVER you may Pre-Order by calling 866-446-3403 to place an order with no payment required until it ships!


Taipan Veteran Shorty .22
The newest version and one of the shortest and quietest bull pups on the market, the Taipan Veteran Shorty is under 23 5/8 inches and can be shot in your backyard all day! New features include a 20 MOA scope rail and anti double feed mechanism. Guaranteed authentic CZ barrels.

12 Shot Magazine
2x mags
Single shot adaptor
Sidelever you can switch left to right
Fill pressure (250bar)
Manual Safety
Scope mount : 20 MOA Picatinny
Overall length 23 5/8in
Weight 6.8lb(2.9kg)
.22 caliber – energy 30fpe 
Shot count: Will update later today! 

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Hepotter
10/03/2016 - 08:45:40 PM
It's incredibly short, very quiet, and accurate!
For a product this short, one would suspect some "shortcomings"...however, this little gun packs a punch, has the best and most adjustable trigger I have ever seen in a pcp gun of any make.

250 bar fill gets your shot count up in the 30's. FPS is going to be in the early to mid 800's, giving you an FPE in the mid to high 20's. That's plenty for 'yotes and smaller. It's range is the same as the longer guns. Barrel length doesn't affect accuracy at all. An 18.1gr pellet leaving the barrel at 800+ fps is going to hit as hard as any long gun.

The muzzle discharge is very quiet...not silent, but certainly neighbor friendly. Quality of build is second to none. A functional stock, despite it's "clunky" looks, is easy to hold on target and balanced superbly!

The magazine works quite well, better than others I've owned, and the ability to swap sides with the side lever cocking mechanism is a real plus.

I have found NO negatives to this little jewel...priced right and reliable!