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Sighting in a scope

Sighting in scopes and determining whether the scope, pellets or gun is causing the problem seems to be our biggest concern in the Airgun business.


The method we use to sight in scopes has been discussed, rediscussed and hashed over several times by numerous experts. Sighting your scope in with just three shots is very possible for almost everyone if you know how and have a good gun vise .The thing we find in this discussion is that most people assume that we all have a method of holding the guns perfectly still. This may not be the case for the vast majority of people, so I will try to explain to you how you can sight in your scope without a high dollar vise.


After mounting your scope shoot at center bull, when you find the point of impact you move the reticles (do this by dialing the windage and elevation knobs) from center bull (the same one you originally shot at) to your point of impact. One method we use is to have your shooting partner move the reticles while you hold the gun as steady as possible starting with the reticle being held on center bull and the partner turning the reticles to point of impact. This will get you much closer, faster than just dialing so many clicks up or down and left or right. Do this until you’re sighted in, usually just a few shoots will achieve good results.


To determine if your pellets are giving you problems shoot 5 shoot groups, always shooting at center bull and never adjusting the scope to compensate for any pellets. We always try 5 to 10 different types of pellets and usually we will find one or two pellets that the gun really likes. Obviously this will be the pellets that shoot the tightest group. At this point we adjust the scope to bring the group to center bull with these pellets.


To determine if the scope is giving you problems we try to get the scope sighted in. Once we get close we will move the reticle all the way up and all the way to the right. At this point we shoot 3 shots then we move it all the way down, shoot 3 shots. Now move it all the way to the left shoot 3 shots next move it back up all the way shoot 3 shots. If the scope is acting properly you should have close to a square with 4, 3 shot groups in it. You should be able to zero your gun again without any difficulty.