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RL Airgun Supply Custom Shop Photos

Here is the a review of STUBBY from a great customer:

This may be the coolest gun/airgun I have ever owned (and I have quite a few). It reminds me a lot of my Remington XP100 221 Fireball I should not have ever sold. It is light and very comfortable (ergonomic?) to hold and sight down the scope and extremely steady for only a 12 inch barrel. Clearly a fine compact carbine.

Thanks Randy at R&L Airgun Supply.



This is the Raptor, an AirForce Condor with a full length stock. />

This the Hawk an AirForce Talon SS and has a Short stock.

This is the Hawk XL an AirForce Talon SS with the Long stock.

We will be adding several more conversions in the next few days and will also be adding our new valve and shroud details. If you have any questions please contact Randy at 866-446-3403.

Call us: 719-404-4686

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