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Pellet Choices

Pellet choice can determine whether you hit your target or not!

Every gun seems to like a different pellet not unlike us, some of us like steak some like hot dogs and we seem to function well on what ever it might be we like to consume.

RL Airgun Supply has decided to make your pellet choice somewhat easier. We have decided to make RL Airgun Supply Sampler Packs of pellets we know have been good for particular guns. This allows the people to try several different types without breaking the bank.

We will be putting together 5 different types of pellets in the .177 Cal and .22 Cal (approximately 100 of each type) for you to try in your own gun. There will be 2 different types of packs available for each caliber; you might want to try both for different applications. We have shot all of these pellets in our own guns and have found them to be some of the best. By no means are we indicating that these are the only pellets that shot well from our guns, rather, we have used information from other individuals that report back to us with their experiences and ours, and have combined this information to offer you a great selection of pellets at a great price. Most of our guns are PCP’s, we have tried pellets oiled (very lightly) and not oiled. In our experience we have found that depending on the gun some shot well one way or the other. With this Sampler Pack you can determine your best method easily.

We use FP-10 for oiling the pellets for our PCP airguns. We use an old pellet tin and cut a thin piece of foam, place it in the bottom putting about 8 drops and a thin layer of pellets in the tin, reoil as needed.

Good luck and have fun!