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MDRL Installation Instructions

Step 1 – Figure 1: Degas your gun. Verify there is no pressure in your tank. Fig 1

Step 2 – Figure 2: Remove your stock with a 3/16 Allen wrench for the stock bolt. Fig 2

Step 3 – Figure 3: Remove your gauge and adapter using a 14mm wrench. Fig 3

Step 4 – Figure 4: Remove the adapter from the original Marauder gauge. Fig 4

Step 5 – Figure 5: Replace the adapter with the new adapter contained in your kit. Fig 5

Step 6 – Figure 6: Install new adapter to the original gauge only. Fig 6

Step 7 – Figure 8: Now install adapter and gauge assembly into the gun. Fig 8

Step 8 – Figure 9: Remove fill port end cap. Fig 9  

Step 9 – Figure 10: Loosen set screws on the barrel band and remove using a 5/64th Allen wrench.  Fig 10

Step 10 – Figure 11: Now you are ready to install the new Picatinny rail and trigger group. Trigger group has been pre-shimmed to allow easy assembly with the aluminum 90s.  Fig 11

Step 11- Figure 12: Loosen the 2 cap screws 3 full turns using a 5/32nd Allen wrench. Fig 12

Step 12 – Figure 13: Carefully slide the linkage onto your barrel and tank to a distance of 6 and 13/16” (If you have a new Synthetic Marauder the Measurement will be 7 5/8") from the front of the tank to the front of the front mount. These dimensions are for reference only and could possibly have to be adjusted back and forth a bit!  Fig 13

Step 13 – See Figures 14, 15, and 16 for clarity.Fig 14     Fig 15    Fig 16

Step 14 – Figure 17, 18, and 19: Remove one of the spreader shims and retighten the mount bolt snugly with a 5/32nd Allen wrench.**Recheck 6 and 13/16” distance noted above.  Fig 17  Fig 18  Fig 19

Step 15 – Remove second spreader shim and tighten the second pressure tube bolt.

Step 16 – Figure 20 and 21: Remove the other two mounting bolts from the bag included in your kit and tighten.Fig 20   Fig 21

Step 17 – Figure 22 and 23: Remove the 2 set screws form the kit. Use a 3/32nd Allen wrench to install one of the set screws in the trigger block. Slide the trigger block over the trigger all the way until it bottoms. Tighten set screw.   Fig 22  Fig 23

Step 18- Figure 24 and 25: Install the second set screw into the safety block. Push safety block down until it stops and tighten the set screw. Now cock your gun and make sure the safety and trigger function as they should. Fig 24  Fig 25

Step 19 – Figure 26: Linkage adjustment is set generically but should be very close for all guns. To adjust linkage: Remove clip from either trigger or safety block – whichever you are going to adjust. Make appropriate adjustments and retighten set nut.   Fig 26

Step 20 – Figure 27: After replacing the M3 spring clip, use needle nose pliers to make sure the spring clip is pinched together at the point where the pin goes thru the clip. Fig 27

Step 21 – Figure 28: Replace your barrel band making sure you have proper alignment around the barrel shroud.  Fig 28

Step 22 – Figure 29: Replace the end cap.  Fig 29

Step 23 – Figure 30 and 31: Place the stock over the gun and slowly lower into place to slide down/over the mechanism smoothly.  Fig 30  Fig 31

Step 24 – Figure 32 and 33: Your gauge should be centered in the hole. The gauge will move left and right slightly for some adjustment. Place the stock screw in and tighten with a 3/16th Allen wrench. Fig 32   Fig 33

Step 25 – Figure 34: Your Marauder Bull Pup is now ready to shoot!  Fig 34