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R&L Airgun Supply’s Compliment to Parents

R&L Airgun Supply’s Compliment to Parents

R&L Airgun Supply decided to have a commercial exhibit at the 2010 Colorado State Fair. This decision was difficult; the time commitment was intense and a State Fair booth, pricey. We feared how an air gun business might be accepted in a state fair venue, and ultimately, we had a concern about how well we could handle the overload of people we would meet, when compared to the amount of people we were accustomed to accommodating.

As the Fair days progressed, Lori and I found ourselves swapping stories on how GREAT it was to deal with all the young adults we encountered. We met numerous 4-H Shooters and not one of these youth was rude or disruptive. As a matter of fact, we found each to be a conversational delight. Lori recalls a 10 year old who asked permission to enter the booth before he stepped in. The young man asked intelligent questions about the guns and cases on display. He wanted to make a purchase, and Lori informed him that a parent must be present to approve a purchase. He returned with a parent and conducted the purchase of a gun and case with parental supervision and agreement. He paid for the purchase with money he had earned over the summer, mowing lawns and doing other lawn work. At the conclusion of the purchase, he thanked Lori for her help and shook her hand as he was leaving. Another teenager approached the booth and asked if he could come in and look without a parent with him. After looking over the display for sometime, the rest of his family entered the booth; Dad, Mom, and three other youngsters. After they had all looked around a bit, the dad stopped and asked Lori a few questions. When she asked if the teenaged boy was his son, the dad replied affirmatively. She complimented him on the way he had raised his son to be polite and respectful. This young man, and his equally polite younger siblings, were all home-schooled and had been instructed in the safe use of firearms.

This conduct was the norm and not the exception. Parents, please take a moment to pat yourselves on the back. These young people put a smile on our faces. We found that the young people who had a true interest in shooting sports were very well- disciplined. Being a fan of young people normally, I have to say that I had a concern about taking our store to the Colorado State Fair and allowing an enormous amount of young people to wander in and out. That concern rapidly vanished after talking and joking with these young people, who oftentimes made several trips back to visit us in the booth. Each and every time, these young people were polite and respectful; they asked intelligent and thoughtful questions, and showed a real sense of excellent social skills. R&L Airgun Supply wishes to compliment these young people and their parents for an excellent job. We feel that being involved with these young people and having them learn about shooting sports offers the entire family a chance to develop excellent social skills while learning how to handle guns and ammunition safely.
Thank you,
Randy and Lori Engel
RL Airgun Supply
Colorado City, CO