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Selecting an Air Gun

Selecting an Air Gun for Your Pleasure!


We all have a variety of wants and desires when we go shooting. As with any hobby or pastime, some of us take the “I want to be the best I can” philosophy and others just want to have fun plinking. Airguns can give you hours of relaxation at an economical price.

RL Airgun Supply has Airguns available from $25.00 up to $1000.00 and all have a place in someone’s heart. Practicing and getting some help from an experienced shooter will not only increase your accuracy but will allow you to learn the basic fundamentals.

A trait that we often see is the beginner starting out with a basic Airgun and developing their skills to a point where a new gun is in their dreams. Shooting a variety of different guns such as CO2, Break Barrel, Pump (multi or single), Underlever or PCP (with CO2 or high pressure air) prior to choosing your dream gun is always an excellent choice. Ask questions regarding velocity, accuracy, maintenance, and recoil. Recoil? Why ask about recoil in an Airgun? Break Barrel guns actually have a forward and a reverse recoil. With this type of Airgun you may want to try a variety of different holds to allow the gun to move within its normal spring cycle. PCP guns have very little if any recoil and will allow some shooters a more accurate shot. I believe the desire for intense accuracy comes as the shooting experience increases. If you have questions about choosing your next Airgun please feel free to contact me at RL Airgun Supply.