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AirForce Edge Review

RL Airgun Supply will be getting the AirForce Airgun Edge in today (Decmber 21) and will be writing a review on this gun as soon as we have our hands on it.
Please check back for the details on this new AirForce Airgun Edge.

Well AirForce Airguns has outdone themselves on the Edge. We got the Edges in yesterday as scheduled and found them to be above our expectations. We had the pleasure of having a young man that has qualified for the Nationals come down and play with the new Edge.

Here is what we found so far.

This Edge is so well balanced and marked for references in is unbelievable. The gun weighs in at 5.30 pounds, the finish is outstanding, and the noise level is very low. I had originally thought I wanted the Blue however after seeing the Wine colored Edge that will be the one I choose. The Wine colored gun looks rich and sleek. The Edge has a dry fire position on it for some excellent trigger time without using your air reserve. The trigger right from the factory is great, very crisp and exact. The tank fills from a quick disconnect on the back side of the tank just above the butt. For the picture of the tank we removed the cheek piece just for clarity on the tank.  The young man shot the Edge using three different pellets, Crosman Premier 7.9 gr and it did well, then we switched to RWS Miesterkuglen’s and they were ok, but the ones that surprised me were the Gamo Match. These pellets did great; we shot only unoiled pellets today. This Edge is heading to the Nationals with this young man, thanks to his Mom and Dad. By the way the Dad finally got to shoot the gun a few shoots and I can see where his son gets his shooting skills. We will be shooting more this weekend and will update you on the results. But for now we are adding these close up shots of the Edge for you to look at. By the way he took home a Blue Edge.