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Sheridan 2260MB .22 cal CO2

Sheridan 2260MB .22 cal CO2
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Sale Price: $182.95
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Product ID : 2260MB
Shipping Weight: 7.50 lbs



Crosman has brought back the 2260 and added a Metal breech to it rebranding it as a Sheridan gun.

This has always been one of our favorite plinking and rodent control guns of all time. The beginners as well as the advanced shooters have always enjoyed hours of shooting pleasure with this light weight but very durable rifle.

You can expect around 600 FPS with this CO2 driven Airgun.
This airgun also has a 11mm dovetail reciever to accept a scope!!!

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by gcollison
09/02/2014 - 11:03:05 PM
Good Old-School Gun
The Sheridan 2260 is much the same gun as the Crosman 2260. Only difference I know of is the breech material and sights. The Sheridan has the better breech and the poor set of sights. Sheri has a metal breech (scopable) and the Crosman a plastic one, iron sights only. The rear sight on Sheri is on a ramp only; fixed front. Cros has a fully adjustable rear. To me, the sight is the worst thing about the gun. The bolt was a bit sloppy. These are both in relation to the price point. (Both below what I think of as a ~$200 gun)
On the plus side, the rifle is light, accurate, not loud and built on a reliable platform. The gun is easily able to be passed down the generations. I shot with 12.65gr Beeman hollows and was very accurate. It is able to finish off a rabbit or squirrel within ~15yds with one shot (I did it). I got about 20 good shots on a 70deg day. (Few more not as good shots.) It is easy to shoot; trigger is at $200 price point, quality of parts and workmanship are in the right range too. I do not have a chrony.
I could get another and modify it up something fierce if I decide. Maybe...