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.22 and .25 Taipan Veteran Long

.22 and .25 Taipan Veteran Long
Sale Price: $1,249.95
Compared at: $1,549.95
You Save: $300.00
Product ID : Veteran Long
Shipping Weight: 13.00 lbs


Product is out of stock HOWEVER you may Pre-Order by calling 866-446-3403 to place an order with no payment required until it ships!


The newest version from Taipan and one of the quiestest bullpups on the market. New features include a 20 MOA rail and anti double feed mechanism. 

Weight 7lb 10oz
Overall length 31 3/4in 

Adjustable trigger
2x mags 
Single shot adaptor 
Sidelever you can switch left to right 
Fill pressure (250bar) 
Manuel Safety 
Scope mount : 20 MOA Picatinny 

Taipan Veteran .22 Long
.22 Caliber - energy 39 FPE
CZ barrel
Shot count: up to 100 shot depending on FPS

Taipan Veteran .25 Long
.25 Caliber - energy up to 65 FPE*
LW barrel
Shot count: will update soon!
*JSB MKII 33.95 used for 65FPE

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Product Reviews

Reviewed by Hepotter
02/05/2019 - 02:12:07 PM

UPDATE: Veteran Long .25 caliber

I'm getting four full magazines out of one air fill at 220 Bar. 40 shots at 63 fpe. I don't believe you need to fill this gun to it's max pressure potential. Why not save that excess air...for extra fills!

The Long shroud, at 930 fps/63 fpe, (3200 psi fill) does not require an additional moderator. All I can hear is hammer slap...and my neighbors have no idea what that sound is, even if they could hear it.

This thing is a BEAST!!! With slugs, 70 fpe...and it's way more accurate than I am, what's left to want??? I'm going to invest in an upgraded stock, make it as good looking as I am :)
Reviewed by Hepotter
02/03/2019 - 02:01:56 PM

This is my second Taipan pcp

The first Taipan I purchased was a .22 Short Mutant, and it was a tiny tack hammer putting all the pellets in one hole. Eventually I moved on to test out new airguns, from Edgun to Vulcans...all great guns in their own right.

Then I decided I wanted max accuracy, power, and shot count, that's a lot to ask from any pcp airgun!

The Taipan Veteran .25 has the power of a custom built pcp, the accuracy of a top of the line airgun, amazingly quiet, adjustable trigger that breaks like glass, and a 30+ shot count pushing 31gr Barracudas out at 930+ fps! Do the math...that's over 62 fpe and I'm not even maxing out the gun's potential!!! It's been shown to go over 67 fpe with slugs. That's a lot of gun for the money. You can shoot all day with people who paid a thousand dollars more, and you will still keep pace with them...and have apologies for no one!

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