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Scuba Tank Holder or Feet
Scuba Tank Holder or Feet

Scuba Tank Holder or Feet

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Consists of a rugged, double slotted base with a removable, silicone band and stainless steel hook. The holder is designed to secure 7.25” (184 mm) diameter scuba tanks. It can also fit 6.9”. (175 mm) and 8.0” (203 mm) tanks, though the fit will not be as optimal.

  • The silicone band can be mounted on either the left or the right side of the base so that you can pull it over your tank in either direction

  • The bases are interlocking so you can connect as many together as needed

  • Each base can be mounted directly to any hard surface using the six stainless steel screws (included) or using an optional aluminum rail

  • The straps can be shortened to fit most any tank.

  • Sold as a single holder buy 2 if you want to use them as feet!

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