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AirForce Tri-Rail Base
AirForce Tri-Rail Base

AirForce Tri-Rail Base

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Part Number: U1039
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  • Self-centering Tri-rail base
  • 8" 11mm dovetail on top for mounting optics
  • Mounting surfaces on 3 sides
  • Side rail length: 7.25"
  • Height: .75"
  • 6 hex screws secure the rail
  • For AirForce Airguns Condor, Talon & Talon SS air rifles & TalonP air pistol

Full-length clamping guarantees a rock-solid foundation for your airgun accessories. Made for AirForce sporting air rifles and the TalonP air pistol, the Tri-rail lets you load up your air gun with lots of accessories that make hunting and shooting a lot more fun...and also increases accuracy.

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