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AirForce Airguns Talon
AirForce Airguns Talon

AirForce Talon, All Calibers, Pick Your Options Here

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AirForce Talon Air Rifle - All Calibers(gun only).  Or you can select the packages above!

AirForce brand air rifles are considered to be some of the most advanced rifles available. Using aircraft grade aluminum alloy, space age polymers and state of the art production techniques you don't just get with a typical air rifle, you get a technologically advanced piece of machinery! With outstanding power, accuracy and advanced production techniques, AirForce air rifles will not disappoint.

The AirForce Talon is the original AirForce rifle that offers one of the best combination of power, weight and balance available. The Talon uses an 18 inch Lothar Walther barrel to ensure maximum accuracy. This gives the Talon outstanding accuracy and the ability to shoot 1 inch or less groupings at 50 yards easily, once you get your iron sights or scope (both sold separately) zeroed in. This makes it one of the most precise air rifles we have encountered.

Being a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) rifle, a pump or scuba refilll clamp must be purchased or you will not be able to fire your rifle. Both are excellent ways to charge your guns pneumatic system and get it ready for shooting.

The Talon has many other highlights, like the easily adjustable power reel that is located on the barrel, a two-stage adjustable trigger and automatic safety as well as the ergonomic feel and overall light weight.

We also have the AirForce Talon set up with the CO2 Adapters and 12 oz CO2 Tank.
You will have a slight decrease in velocity however you will have about 800 shots available and a very nice option for shooting indoors or just getting some great trigger time. The accuracy remains the same.This is a great way to start shooting an excellent PCP gun without worrying about a pump or air tank. The tank makes an excellent stock and butt plate.

To select your caliber or to select CO2 click on the Caliber selection above.

Don't forget to pick up a scope or standard optic sights for this rifle or other AirForce accessories because they are not included with this package. It is also recommended to pick up a gun case and maintenance kit of your choice to keep your rifle in excellent condition.

Velocity on Air: .177 Cal 1100 FPS/ .20 Cal 1050 FPS/ .22 Cal 1050 FPS/ .25 1000 FPS
Velocity on CO2: .177 Cal 775 FPS/ .20 Cal 650 FPS/ .22 Cal 675 FPS/ .25 Not recommended for CO2)
Power Adjustment: Adjustable
Max Fill Pressure: 3000psi or 200bar
Action: Single Shot
Weight: 5.5lbs
Length: 32.6 inches
Barrel Length: 18 inches
Caliber: .177/ .20/ .22
Trigger: Two Stage Adjustable
Trigger Pull: 3lbs
Sights: Not included
Accuracy: 1 inch groups at 50 yards
Air Tank Volume: 490cc
Safety: Automatic

Package Includes: AirForce Talon, a 490cc air tank or a 12oz CO2 Tank with CO2 Adapter and DVD

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