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Luxfer Limited 106 Cylinder
Luxfer Limited 106 Cylinder

A Luxfer Limited 106 Cylinder

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Part Number: LALW106
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Luxfer Limited 106 Cylinder

4350 PSI
106 Cu. Ft
Composite Cylinder
Din Valve
60" Hose
This hose is light weight and flexible, High Pressure double
braided construction
Foster Quick Disconnect
Twist bleed screw
7.39" Diameter
26.1" High
33 Lbs
Easy to read 2"
Dual dial - 0 to 5000 psi and 0 to 350 bar
Stainless steel case
1.5% Accuracy throughout full range
Liquid silicone filled for dampening
Air bubble to allow for expansion with temperature change
Protective rubber boot

This tank will fill a Condor approximately 28 times before it will drop below 3000 PSI!!!
This is an excellent value.......

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