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100 CU FT Scuba Tank 3300 PSI
100 CU FT Scuba Tank 3300 PSI

A 100 CU FT Scuba Tank 3300 PSI

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Catalina 100 cu ft 3300 PSI

Aluminum Scuba Tank

The huge advantage of this tank is that you'll be supplied with more air than a standard 80 cubic feet aluminum tank. Comes with a 3300 PSI rated K-valve. 

Every Catalina cylinder is produced from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
This tank comes with a valve setup to accept either a K or Din clamp.
If you need a clamp please select the clamp you want and add it now for greater savings!

Information that you need to know about buying Scuba Tanks:
A scuba tank that can only be filled to 3000 PSI will never fill an airgun to 3000 PSI.
We sell the above tank that can be filled to 3300 PSI, this allows your gun to be filled to the desired 3000 PSI pressure level numerous times.
Never let your scuba tank pressure go to zero.

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