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Jager .22 XP Caliber

Jager .22 XP Caliber
Sale Price: $1,124.95
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Product ID : XP.22 Wood
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Jager .22 XP Rifle 
This is a great, extremely powerful, light weight and accurate new Russian Air Rifle with LW barrels!! You will only see this at RL Airgun Supply and Wild West Airguns. These guns have been so much fun to test and play with the incredible amount of settings capable with these guns.

JÄGER Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) rifle. Intended for sport shooting and for hunting at distance up to 100 meters. The rifle is equipped with barrels of Lothar Walther (Germany) production. The trigger is Adjustable and very nice right from the factory.

Caliber: .22
Barrel Length: 17.75” LW Barrel
Safety: Yes
Trigger: Adjustable
Total Length: 39.18”
Tank Capacity: 272cc
Fill Pressure: 3190 PSI
Choked: Yes
Magazine: 10 shot 1 included
Probe: Included
Weight: 6.18 Lbs

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